As a provider of medical products Avanti Medical provides solutions for patient care in the hospitals, home and specialist environments. Browse extensive range of products to improve and save the lives of patients in critical and intensive care, surgery and post-operative care in home.


You come into contact with germs countless times throughout every day, so it's important to take precautions in order to prevent infection. One way that you can help guard against bacteria is by using pads soaked in alcohol to disinfect certain surfaces. Whether you need to get a patch of skin clean before receiving an injection or simply want a compact tool to kill germs on a public surface, use Alcohol Prep Pads.



These plasters conveniently and properly protect a wound from moisture and dirt, allowing the wound to heal effectively and gently.


Fixation tapes

Designed to provide fixation of wound dressings, strengthening instrumentation, probes, cannulas at the joints, and movable parts of the body. That can be used for general wound treatment, for fixing swabs, bandages and compresses. Ideal for retention of dressings and paddings.




Containers used in Hospital or Laboratory for hygienic
and safe collection and inspection of samples.



3 Component syringe (with Needle)

Designed for standard and special manipulations, including cosmetic injections.





The products for care of patients

Medical devices for use to support patient care.

Designed for standard and special manipulations, including сare at home.



We offer a wide range of medical gloves ideal for carers which offer protection against germs and chemicals. Vinyl  gloves are strong and durable and nitrile gloves are latex free for those with sensitive skin. Vinyl gloves are also available which can be powdered to ensure they are easy to put on and take off or powder free which reduces the risk of hyper - sensitivity and allergic reactions.


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